3 Traditional Weapons Used in Martial Arts

Even to this day, in martial arts, there are a lot of traditional weapons used on a consistent basis. However many people are not familiar with the weapons which are used in martial arts, especially the traditional ones. Today we would discuss 3 different weapons which are used in martial arts, despite being thousands of years old.

Nunchuks: Nunchuks

Nunchuks: Nunchuks, became popular after Okinawansere were prohibited from using other weapons which were earlier used. Nunchuk as a weapon is constituted on rice flail.

The reason that a rice flail was chosen is that as an agricultural tool, it could not be banned by the Japanese kings. It was more like the creative use of an agricultural tool. Over the years, however, it became an integral part of martial arts. These days the training of Nunchuk has become an evitable part of martial arts. This is one weapon that has barely changed shape and form ever since its evolution. This, however, does not mean that its efficiency is on the lower side.

Escrima Sticks

These were 1st used in the Philippines. The reason that the sticks were used was that the natives are prohibited to use swords. Due to this very reason, they trained themselves to use the sticks. The very 1st record of these being used was in the aftermath of the Spanish conquest. These were primarily used as defending weapons. Most of the opponents had swords and that is why, the natives, used sticks in order to defend themselves.

Martial arts swords

Martial arts swords Swords have been associated with Martial arts ever since the art has been in practice. One of the most popular forms of the sword is known as the katana. Katana, however, over the years has undergone a lot of changes. These days, if you look at the various forms of katana, you would realize that there are small variations pertaining to shape and size depending on the culture which used the sword and the time period in which it was used. For example, The katana sword in china, was broad, with only a single sharp edge rather than both.

Over the years, swords used in martial arts have become longer and thinner, hence offering you ample options to choose from. If you’re wondering about the top weapons that are still used in martial arts, the above three are the best ones to choose from.

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