5 Cool Facts About Wood Fire Pizza

Woodfire pizzas are the greatest tasting pizzas ever made in this world. They have an amazing taste and a highly enhanced flavor. They have been the favorite of so many pizza enthusiasts and lovers on the planet. Check out Pizza 90’s Neapolitan pizza for a delicious and enjoyable pizza experience.

Many people rely on pizza as their main staple food. No matter how it is prepared, they just love eating it. But it is important that you know some important information about this particular food. Here are 5 interesting things about pizza that is cooked through wood fire.

Woodfire pizza is healthy to eat

A slice of pizza can add enough calories and saturated fat to complete your daily requirements in one meal. You can indulge yourself in this favorite food and at the same time stay healthy. The vegetables added to it can boost your intake of healthy and beneficial nutrients.

Pepperoni is the favorite wood fire pizza topping

One of the most popular and favorite pizza toppings is pepperoni. Pepperoni is made from cured beef and pork that are mixed together. It is known as one of the salami or sausage variants. It tastes great on wood fire pizzas. In fact, 62% of all pizzas consumed are pepperoni-based. People just love the sumptuous taste of sausage on their pizzas.

Woodfire pizza is also baked in rectangular trays

Woodfire pizzas are not always circular. In fact, in Italy, these pizzas are famously baked in a rectangular shape. It has a thicker crust, filled with lots of vegetables and meat toppings. A rectangular wood fire pizza is well known for its unique procedure. Yet, you will still enjoy the same taste despite such shape variation.

Mozzarella has the best baking properties that are perfect for woodfire pizza

Another fun fact about pizza is that the key to a perfect product is the freshly made mozzarella. It is high in moisture and is preferably made from buffalo milk. It will make your pizza delicious, kind of soggy in the middle, and very flavorful.

The buffalo milk is high in protein which makes mozzarella good to eat. The mozzarella is also dense and salty adding great flavors to the pizza.

Choose your own wood fire pizza toppings according to your preference

One pizza nutrition fact you should know is that you can choose your own wood fire pizza toppings according to your health preference. Everything from the gooey and stretching cheese to the enticing aroma, seasonal veggies, and super loaded with other healthy toppings. You can be creative with the ingredients that you want to add to your pizza and transform this food into a diet-based delight.

As a pizza lover and enthusiast, knowing these fun and interesting facts would increase your love for this food. There are so many delightful things you can do with wood fire pizzas. Since it is a staple food for many extremely busy people, the given cool facts can help understand why wood fire pizzas are better than others.

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