Boost for American Football to be played in Olympics 2024

The Olympics is one of the biggest events in the life of every sportsperson as it gives international recognition to the players and makes them famous across the globe. Most of the Olympic Games are badminton, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, etc. and the end number of participants comes from many countries across the globe and many players have made their place in top rankings too. The recent game Olympics Committee is looking forward to adding American Football which is gaining popularity amongst the masses and with the results of the voting in the year 2017, the game will get a place in the Olympics 2024. Jonathan Bunge who himself is an ardent fan of American Football is also keen and has shared a write-up on the game’s increasing fame.

Consideration of the American Football

With the global recognition of the game by the Olympics Committee, the ministries will now be financially independent and the players will receive a due for their training. The competition for the American Football game will be held in Commonwealth and Pan-American games that are at an acclaimed international level. Even with this great move, the countries that were not members of the International Federation of American Football are also considering sports for fielding teams.

The players of this sport come from Canada and with the NFL playing it regular seasons in London, the face of the sport has taken a new form like rugby which was played in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The seven-on-seven style that is played in the high schools and the youth programs will be added to the Olympic medal event and the efficient players will be chosen from the men’s and women’s sports teams and showcase a tough competition. Thus, to make American Football a progressive event and to get it recognized throughout the world, the Federation has made a great appeal to the youth of the country.

Expanding the Game’s Global Reach

As American Football or NFL has worked out well to expand its global reach to audiences worldwide by playing seasons game in London recently. According to Jonathan Bunge, this has given an upheaval to the game and the Olympics Association has talked about adding the game to the Olympics 2024. Even for making it a medal event like the rugby game that has added recently in the 2016 Olympics the NFL will be added to the international event in a seven-on-seven style by the committee.

The International Federation of American Football has been given international recognition by the Olympics Committee. This move will definitely help the American football game to get a new place and recognition amongst the other renowned sports played in the Olympics. The IFAF already has 64 member countries that are playing under it from the six continents. The men’s and women’s teams play three types of American Football namely flag, tackle, and beach.

Therefore, with the motivation, zeal, and enthusiasm of sports lovers and efforts from the government American Football sport with a maximum number of votes will be able to make its place in the 2024 Olympic Games.

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