Cute Favors for Your Summer Wedding

A summertime wedding calls for favors that represent the season. This gives couples many possibilities when choosing what to gift their guests with.

Unique ideas that are perfect for a summer wedding include personalized bottles of sunscreen (especially for a beach or other outdoor wedding,) sunglasses, paper hand fans, seashells, a Frisbee, and luggage tags or chocolates in the shape of flip flops. Favor boxes that reflect a beach theme are also a good choice.

For something a little fancier, guests can choose to use seahorse-shaped bottle stoppers or bottle stoppers that contain sand and tiny seashells as their wedding favors. Couples who want to be economical can even use place card holders in the shape of a beach chair or drink coasters in the shape of a sand dollar. Those who are crafty can weave a miniature picnic basket to give each guest. Miniature water cans can also be purchased and handed out as favors.

Since so many people love to grill during the summer months, couples can treat their guests to personalized bottles of barbecue sauce or a dry rub as well. Any type of fresh produce such as strawberries and blueberries can make for healthy and delicious wedding summer favors. Some couples even take it so far as to use a fruit or vegetable that matches their wedding color so that the favors tie in with the theme. Other couples choose to provide a spread of fruits and/or vegetables and give each guest a bag to fill with whatever they choose. For a less healthy option that will satisfy those with a sweet tooth, candied fruits are also an excellent choice.

Another creative idea for summer wedding favors is food and drinks in the flavor of limoncello, one that is becoming increasingly popular over the summer months. The bright yellow of limoncello is perfect for a summertime wedding.

Delicious options for summer wedding favors also include nut butter. The most common types of nuts that can be used to make nut butter are almonds, peanuts, and cashews. Couples should ensure that none of their guests has a nut allergy before choosing this option.

Flavored seeds can also make for an excellent favor for a summer wedding. Couples can choose to give out watermelon, chia seeds, or something similar. This gift gives their guests options as they can choose to either plant the seeds or cook with them.

Couples who enjoy the outdoors can create a fire starter kit in a small, clear glass jar. The lid of the jar can be personalized with a sticker containing the couple’s initials. You could also add a few sparklers for weddings to each of the jars to give your guests something fun to use when they use their fire starter kit; whether it be camping or in their own backyard.

Personalized bottles of water are also a refreshing favor to provide to guests. While larger guest lists call for plastic bottles of water, couples who are having a small wedding sometimes choose to give reusable bottles as favors, which can be personalized as well.

The wedding favors a couple sends their guests home with are an important aspect of the day. By making sure your wedding favors reflect summer, you can complete your wedding theme and make the experience even more memorable.

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