Decorating Your Wedding Gift Table

You can have a lot of fun decorating your wedding gift table because the possibilities are endless. The first thing you have to realize is that even though it is called a gift “table” you don’t necessarily have to use an actual table if you’d like to get more creative. Depending on the theme and style of your wedding you could use something as simple as a cart or something as fancy as a hammock.

An antique wagon can also be used to hold wedding gifts and is perfect for an outdoor wedding. You can purchase any wagon, antique or modern, and paint it to fit in with your wedding day theme.

If you do choose to use an actual table you still have plenty of choices for decorating it. Taking a wedding-related object and placing it in the center of the table will give it a more authentic feel and ensure your guests that it is the proper place for them to leave your gifts. Large plants make a great addition to any wedding gift table, as you can put one on each side.

The simplest way to decorate a gift table is to simply put a tablecloth on it. To jazz up your wedding choose a color that no other table is decorated in. This will help the gift table stand out to your guests. Using a matching table runner is a great way to tie the gift table in with the rest of your wedding without having it get lost in the shuffle. The flowers you use to decorate your wedding venue can also be used to line the gift table.

Most couples choose to set a box out on their gift table so that guests have a place to put greeting cards. You can decorate the box any way you want, whether that involves paint, felt and other decorations or something else. Some couples even choose to turn their greeting card box into one that resembles a ballot box, but you could make it look like any kind of box you want. You can even choose a glass box that you can easily paint to match your wedding colors if you don’t want it to be clear.

Outdoorsy brides often choose to take a birdcage and turn it into a receptacle for their wedding day greeting cards. This is something that can quickly and easily be decorated and will add a unique touch to your gift table.

Additionally, many couples use their gift table as a distribution point for certain types of wedding favors such as wedding sparklers, disposable cameras, or wedding bubbles since it is located in a centralized place. It’s much easier than placing these items at each individual reception table.

Your wedding gift table should reflect what is important to you and your partner. It can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like it to be. As long as your decorations are non-offensive and not dangerous you should feel free to do whatever you want with your gift table. This means avoiding anything that would upset your guests and choosing not to decorate your wedding gift table with any kind of candle, as this can cause a dangerous situation to occur.

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