Diabetes Affects All In the Family

Once I found out that my son had Type 1 Diabetes, I had to figure out a menu plan that was suitable for him. But first, at my other son’s request, he insisted that we all become diabetic. So we did in a way. We decided to partake in the same diet as my son afflicted with diabetes. It was a challenging task, to say the least, but it had to be done.

Diabetes Menu

It really wasn’t that hard to find a menu that we all could follow. It was a lot of substitution cutting out some food. Once you start substituting it can be rather fun to create a dish that is healthy and diabetes friendly. Examples are listed below, just to get you started.

  • White bread becomes Whole Wheat Bread
  • Whole Milk becomes 1% Milk (Although my Son likes Soy Milk)
  • Regular Pasta becomes Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Regular Eggs become Egg Substitutes
  • Bacon becomes Turkey Bacon


In a controlled environment, I used to make breakfast for everyone before I went to work and the kids to school. I consisted of French toast and Turkey Bacon. The French toast was made from whole wheat bread dipped in egg substitute batter. The batter had vanilla extract and powdered cinnamon. The bacon was lean Turkey. This was a sensible way to start the day. My son’s glucose levels would drop to the normal range during the week as opposed to the weekends.


Snacks would vary in the afternoon. He would have unsalted nuts, peanut butter crackers, or even low-fat yogurt. We kept this stock of snacks on hand and everyone enjoyed them. Goodbye to the chocolate candy bars for everyone.


I like grilling out, even in the winter. I found it relaxing, fun, and healthy. My favorite thing to grill would have to be pork chops marinated in Italian Garlic Vinaigrette. I even grill corn on the cob wrapped in tin foil. Grilling and baking an entry? much healthier than frying. Brown rice would round out dinner for the family. This would be just an example I would prepare for dinner.

Prior to every meal that I was present for, I would ask my son if he had taken his medicine (injection). When he started to complain that I was annoying him, I knew I had to change tactics. I would just give a look and he understood the body language and he tells me he did take his medicine. That’s when I knew I did my job as a father regarding his health and well-being.

The end result of learning to cook healthy was that everyone in the family was eating healthy. We lost weight and had more energy. It was only extra baggage we carried around. In addition, I liked to be creative in the kitchen so I cooked more. The only downside to this was that my wife insisted that I cook dinner when I was home instead of working.

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