Health Care issues faced by Senior Citizens of America

Health care is all about taking the necessary precautionary measures for the well-being of people. Health care can be provided by routine check-ups, prescribed medication, surgeries, and prolonged treatment. The main purpose of health is to improve the lifestyle of people and also the quality of life of individuals. Health care service in America is especially concerned with two age groups; less than 10 years children and more than 60 years adults. Basic health care services are provided with the help of trained professional medical staff and hospital settings through

Health cares issues in the U.S

Before we ponder upon the basic healthcare issues which are faced by senior citizens in America, we first need to understand what we mean by the adult group of the country. A senior citizen is basically someone beyond the age of 65 years. The years beyond the age of 65+ are considered to be the final few years of a person’s life. This being said let us now talk about the possible and most common healthcare issues that are being faced by individuals nowadays.


The cost of treatment is the most basic issue which is faced by senior citizens. This is a time of their life when they are mostly unemployed and have no source of income. Moreover, there are very few people who have pensions out of retirement. The cost of treatment is very high and after a certain point, it becomes unaffordable for senior citizens to pay for all these medical treatments.

Lack of Savings

Being unaware of the possible expenses, mostly health-related, people do not save for this time of their life. However, once they enter into these years of life they realize what a grave mistake they have made by spending everything they earned and saving none. With sky-rocketing prices, this is a big issue faced by the people according to

Lack of Health Insurance

Throughout life, we are encouraged to take on an insurance policy that would later help us in our life. This is what they mean by “later help”. There are abundant financial issues that are faced by senior citizens in America. With the climatic changes all around the world, there has been an evident rise in the rate of diseases as well. The demand for treatments worldwide has also sent the medical healthcare process very high. At this stage of life, when there is no defined source of income for individuals, it becomes so difficult for them to manage all their healthcare finances. Most senior citizens are abandoned by their children and families as well. This is why they face a much-unexpected situation when there is a dire need for medical help but no sufficient finances for the purpose.


Senior citizens in America are facing serious healthcare-related turmoil. They have to face many physical and psychological barriers. They don’t have easy access to the medical care that they require.

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