Hire a Professional Company to handle all Alloy Production Requirements

If you have been searching for the perfect solution for the best solution for electrical contact needs, then you will have to consider the options that are available at Ney Electrical Contacts. These products are perfect for electrical and industrial purposes based on their superior design construction and material quality as well. These electrical contact solutions can be used for various market applications. To be specific, these are the essential components that you will find in the medical selection such as a local medical practice to the deepest seas in the world for oil mining purposes. These procedures are ideal for producing unique metal alloys that can withstand the harsh environment of the industrial world and for repetitive applications as well.

Electrical Contact Rivets

This process involves the manufacturing of electrical contact rivets which shall be used for a broad spectrum of purposes. Some of the main products that can be found in this category include solid contacts, bimetal contacts, and specialty-produced electrical contact parts. The added benefit is that these metals are often made using special materials including silver alloys, metal, and gold among many other reliable metals.

Automatic Welding

This refers to the process of producing or re-enforcing metal contact materials to suit the desired functionality. In particular, this might involve the process of combining reliable metal material with terminals and springs. This type of welding is by far one of the most reliable welding solutions for various construction projects. Unlike the conventional forms of welding which often comprise the use of stick electrodes, this type of welding is believed to be a better solution for almost any type of welding procedure. Companies such as Deringer-Ney Electrical Contacts have noticed the immense benefits of such a technology are increasingly the conventional stick electrodes with modern automatic welding tools.

In die staking- in this case, high speed in die staking is used as a cost-effective solution for contact assembly purposes. This technique Is implemented by experts who have experience and the technical know-how to get the job done right. To be specific, it’s a procedure that involves the use of downward pressure on the ends of a shaft to produce retaining points.


This process is used in the production of several electric contacts every year. Some of them include the bimetal contact buttons and the bimetal rivet style contacts as well. More so,  some of the technologies that are available in this category include resistance brazing and furnace brazing as well. This procedure can be used to develop unique dimensions whereby the metal contact material cannot be easily integrated into the backing by other techniques such as welding.

One of the main benefits of brazing is that it is more affordable and it allows users to produce metal contacts by considering the minimum metal content that is required for electrical purposes and achieving the right balance for lower-cost units.


Taking all things into perspective, the procedures involved in producing metal alloys for unique applications are complex and require the use of technical knowledge. Working with a professional company helps to guarantee that the final results will meet your unique application needs.

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