How African Farms Can Increase Their Harvest Yield from Using Modern Technology Methods

A large portion of Africa’s population gets employment through farming and through agricultural production. That being said, Africa often faces natural disasters that result in agricultural loss. Should the country convert to modern technologies, they could benefit from a higher yield and fewer crops would be lost.

Below, you can read about how certain innovations would largely benefit African farms.

Fertilizer Deep Placement

In traditional farming, fertilizer is placed by applying each individual seed to the crops, by hand. This takes an incredibly long time that is ultimately wasted because while the farmers are placing the fertilizer, they could be off doing something else on the farm.

That’s why fertilizer deep placement (FDP) is the answer to farmers’ problems. It increases overall yield by eighteen percent and reduces the use of fertilizer by 1/3. Not only would African farmers have more yield, but they would save money in the long run because less fertilizer would be used.

FDP uses a fertilizer called “briquette”, which releases nitrogen as time passes. It is placed seven to ten inches below the soil, which means less nitrogen will be wasted through runoff. Not only is this more practical, but it is less likely to pollute local water systems because there won’t be as much nitrogen running into streams, lakes, and rivers. African countries like Niger and Nigeria have already implemented this tactic; however, it should be used across the African continent.

High-Roofed Greenhouses

There are some countries, like Turkmenistan in Central Asia, which restrict farmers from owning large areas of land. As a solution, greenhouses have been built to allow farmers to cultivate crops on less land. While a normal greenhouse only allows vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, these greenhouses are much taller to allow for other plants and vegetables to grow. Overall, this has shown to increase yield by 200%.

Should these greenhouses be implemented by African countries, not only would they see an increase in yield, but they would also save space on land, which means they could grow more crops.

New Farm Management Software

While not all rural farmers have access to this, new farm management software is available to calculate food rations and milking systems in order to make farm management simpler. In many ways, this software is the way of the future. Dairy farmers have seen an increase in milk yield by providing cows with housing containing proper bedding and agricultural farmers have also been shown to have an increase in crop yield.


Given the significance of agricultural production in African countries, it is important that farmers get proper yields. This production provides the population of Africa with food and supports the economy by allowing farmers to export goods to other countries. That being said, rural farmers are often isolated and can be severely affected by disasters; such as drought and flooding. That’s why it’s important for African countries to invest in modern technologies, which will increase yield, overall.

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