How to be a Good Parents

Getting married is easier, but being a parent is difficult. You have a partner who you think is your soul mate, you marry him/ her, and live happily ever after (under perfect conditions). But you have a kid…. God Bless you! Why it’s so difficult to be a parent? First of all, everybody has many shortcomings, failures in their life, and weaknesses in their personalities. When kids are born, parents want their kids to grow into better people than them. They don’t want their kids to make the same mistakes that they made in life. They want their kids to achieve what they couldn’t achieve in life. Above all, they want their kids to live happier lives. But unfortunately, parents can’t make what they want their kids to be. Perhaps choosing your child’s name is the only thing over which you have full control.

When kids grow up, the time kids spend with you becomes less and less. So you can only see your kids change from what you wanted them to become. But there’s nothing to despair about; if you give your child proper time and training in childhood, you can develop your child as a strong, successful and useful person for society. Communication with your child is the most important factor in this regard. A few important guidelines are given below to help you raise your kids:

  • Always teach your child to set goals, without goals life is useless. You see, animals eat, drink, live a sort of family life, bear kids, and die. We humans should be different. But the goals should be useful for society as well.
  • Encourage your children and praise their accomplishments. This will boost their self-esteem. This way they keep moving forward. Some parents aren’t always happy with their child, even if their kid has stood second in the exam, they say why not first. Winning doesn’t matter, trying hard to win does.
  • Encourage your child’s hobbies. Don’t make your child a working donkey. Hobbies make a person creative. Creative persons change the world!
  • Train your children to develop a healthy respect for themselves and for others. Because respect is a two-way road. You give respect, you get respect.
  • Teach your kids not to compare themselves with others. Comparison of people is only possible if people have the same opportunities, difficulties, and talents. This is not the case in real life.
  • Teach your child to ask questions and seek their answers. That’s the way your children are going to achieve their goals.
  • Kids must learn to handle failures. Failures pave the way for success. Some people give up, and others learn from their failures. As Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed; I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work”.
  • Teach character, responsibility, and truthfulness.
  • Teach discipline to your child, it’s very hard to achieve goals without discipline. But that doesn’t mean being harsh to them and humiliating them publicly. Avoid hitting your kids publically; that makes them aggressive. Discipline doesn’t mean punishing your children.
  • Don’t help your children with every problem; let them come up with their own solutions. It will make them independent and self-reliant.
  • Give equal love to all children but every child is unique don’t treat all your kids equally.
  • Tell your kid it’s all right to be different; you don’t have to be like everyone else.
  • Give your kids time; they need your presence, not expensive gifts.
  • Lead you, children, by example, preaching alone won’t help. Become a role model.
  • Communicate with your children. Know their strengths and fears. Be flexible with your children. Ignore their small mistakes. Maintain a friendly relationship with them so they don’t hide anything from you. Advice them in private; don’t advise them in public, it would spoil them.
  • Don’t push them towards professions they are not interested in. For example, they may be convinced to join the army by reading an interesting article here, but you may want them to become astronauts. Just let them become who they want to be.

Above all just let your kids develop, just let them be. Don’t push too hard, everybody is different. Although parents want a better future for their children; it’s their right to choose their own future. Teach your kids not to torture them. Parent always complains that their children won’t listen, but they forget that their children always watch them. If you want your children to listen, become a role model. Do you think they will say the truth if you lie in front of them? Do you think they will follow their dreams and set goals for their lives when you don’t? Teach kids to think big. Teach them good things but let them choose their path. They are humans not cakes; you can’t shape and bake them the way you want.

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