KP Yohannan: Providing Selfless Service Since the Last Four Decades

There are only a few people in this world who have completely dedicated their lives to the service of people. KP Yohannan is one of them. Born in a remote village called Niranam in Kerala, he decided to serve the people who are downtrodden and needy at a very early age. When there are millions of people living in the continent of Asia in challenging environment and situation, people like KP Yohannan is giving them a ray of hope and opportunities to lead a life with all the basic amenities guaranteed to them.

At the age of 16, KP Yohannan got himself associated with Operation Mobilization and served with them for eight long years. During these years, he traveled and reached all the people who are victims of natural disasters or live in abject poverty. He reached them with the love of Jesus and provided them with food, clothing, and medicines. This experience increased his dedication and belief in himself. Then he traveled to the USA to pursue his education. He graduated with a BA in Biblical Studies and then he returned to his country as he never forgot his commitment towards all those people living in strict austere conditions. After he returned he, along with his wife, founded the organization Gospel For Asia. This organization was conceived to reach all those people who are not aware of the love and affection of God and the messages of the Bible.

What Gospel For Asia does?

Gospel For Asia trains national missionaries who reach these people with the basic amenities of life. With the objective of serving humanity, they provide appropriate shelter to the homeless, nutritious food, and proper clothing. The victims of any type of natural disaster are always very low in morale and lack the confidence to start their life again. These national missionaries spread the message of God and elucidate the love and affection that Jesus shares for their children. Gospel For Asia never encourages forced conversions rather it explicitly believes in freedom of faith and religion. But the understanding of Jesus Christ helps in the character development and gives him the necessary confidence to start their livelihood again.

KP Yohannan believes that every person is created equally by God. Hence, all the missionaries work to end every form of discrimination, religious and social, to give all the people a fair chance in their life to succeed.

In this comprehensive effort, KP Yohannan is supported by his wife and two grown-up children who are equally involved in Lord’s service. Due to his sacrificial commitment, farsightedness, and dedication, Dr. Yohannan has been lauded by all. His supreme devotion to Christ and the church was noted and in the year 2003, he was consecrated and installed as Metropolitan Bishop of Believer’s Church. He holds this position to date.

Under him, Gospel for Asia has taken various initiatives for children, women, and other deprived people. It is noted that the childcare project itself helped more than 70 thousand kids by providing them with education and regular meals. KP Yohannan comments that he and his team will continue to provide this service in the future.

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