Making coffee with Moka pot and French press: which is better


Making coffee with the French press and the Moka pot is simple and innovative. These are tools to make the coffee gently. Western people use both of these methods to make coffee for themselves and their families as well. But coffee stuff may be totally different from each other after making with the french press vs Moka. Moka pot is also known as the stovetop espresso which is a type of espresso. You can make coffee with a Moka pot having different quality and produce innovative taste. While French press is capable of producing strong black coffee like hundreds of years back recipes to make coffee. This is able to produce the old fashion strong coffee. A French press makes strong coffee for coffee lovers. Coffee lovers appreciate the coffee of the French press.

Moka pot vs. French press

Brewing time

The brewing time of the French press is longer as compared to the Moka pot and produces a different taste. Moka pot makes the coffee at lower pressure brew a stovetop. Moka pot is a quick burst with stronger pressure by using finely ground beans. Whereas the French press has the longest brewing time to make the coffee with ground beans. A French press requires very coarse ground.

No longer time is needed to make the coffee from the stovetop espresso. It requires just 5 minutes to make the coffee from the Moka pot. In the stovetop pot, water comes into contact with the coffee to generate the pressure and it is sudden pressure and requires a shorter brew time. The longer brewing time will remove the taste from the beans. For the French press, whole 4 minutes are required to brew the coffee. There is a big difference in the contact time. If people do not pay attention to time, the French press may produce bitter coffee. Most people do not use the French press method properly and misuse it.

Coffee results

In the U.S and in Europe, both of these methods are used to make coffee at home. French press vs Moka.  are very popular. They produce coffee results differently from each other. Dark coffee or strong coffee can be produced by using the French press. It produces coffee having a traditional taste. French press gives a long coffee that can be enjoyed slowly. Moka pot produces the coffee with sharp intensity but has to be drunk quickly. You can use the Moka pot to produce other drinks just by adding milk and other flavors. Making coffee is not need to be complicated and can be made easily by using these methods. A larger amount of coffee can not be produced by using the Moka pot while the French press is capable of producing a larger amount of coffee. The taste of coffee produces by the Moka pot stovetop method is different compared to the French press coffee. Both of these are the tools to make coffee gently. No one method is superior to another but they both are easier and innovative in different ways.

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