Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Choosing favors for a summer wedding is something that couples can have fun with. Whether they choose to purchase or create favors, they will be able to express themselves and at the same time show a token of appreciation to their guests for taking part in their special day.

To send guests home with something delicious, couples can purchase colored fortune cookies in bulk. Removing the fortunes from each cookie is easy to do using nothing more than a pair of tweezers. For an even tastier favor, couples can purchase tiny mini mason jars and fill each one with a tiny fruit pie. Mini mason jars can also be used to give wedding favors such as a small amount of any spices used in the dishes served at the reception. Homemade granola and jam are also popular choices for summer wedding favors.

Personalized containers of ice cream make for the perfect summer wedding favor. You can choose to buy or design and print your own labels for the containers. This allows them to use their wedding colors on the labels and maybe even in the ice cream the containers hold.

Couples that have a signature cocktail created for their wedding reception can also turn it into favors. A gift bag for each guest can contain all of the ingredients needed for them to make the cocktail at home, along with its recipe. For those who don’t drink alcohol couples can offer homemade soda as an alternative. Many times a signature cocktail recipe can be adapted to make soda as well.

Alternatively, couples who don’t want to create a signature soda can instead purchase classic bottles of Coca-Cola for each guest to take home. This is especially helpful for weddings that take place outside, as guests will likely be thirsty by the time they are ready to leave.

For a simple wedding favor, couples can purchase bulk jelly beans in their wedding colors. These jelly beans can be put into a small gift box or other container and set by each guest’s name cards so they are easy to pick up on the way out.

Small potted plants can also make for a wedding favor that a couple’s guests will be able to use and enjoy. Mini pots can be obtained in a couple’s wedding colors or painted to match their color scheme. Many guests will appreciate being able to take their gift home and plant it in their garden. Couples that don’t want to bother with pots can still gift their guests with small containers of seeds.

Sparklers are another great item that really embodies the summer season. You can hand out 36-inch wedding sparklers to your guests to use for your send-off and have your photographer capture the fun in pictures. Wedding sparklers are very inexpensive to buy, so they are a great addition to any wedding; even if you have a very limited budget available.

Techy savvy couples can gift their wedding guests with personalized flash drives filled with digital photos and videos from the wedding and reception (and maybe even the cocktail hour.) Most couples make the effort to obtain flash drives in their wedding color.

Weddings that take place in the summer provide couples with countless opportunities to express their creativity and what is important to them, leaving their guests with many cherished memories.

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