The True Essence of Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Route

Every adventure lover would not miss a chance to visit someplace closer to the mind and soul; he would love to visit a place with breathtaking coastal views which bring peace to his mind. One such place is Hadrian’s Wall. This route is recommended to be visited on a bike. It is because this route is a true picture of England’s heritage and will give you a clear and wider picture of the cultural values of England. From coastal views to Roman forts, Hadrian’s wall cycle route has everything. You will not get bored for a single second. One after another, you will get a glimpse of something exciting and interesting.

The total distance of Hadrian’s wall cycles route

the total distance of Hadrian’s wall cycle route is 174 miles. It usually takes a 3 day time period to complete the track, but if you are among the travelers who love to stop frequently to capture the beauty of nature in your camera, and want to inhale the beauty of surroundings by exploring the forts and visiting the market towns, then it would take a period of 4 to 5 days to complete the track.


There is no need to get worried about the traffic. You will come across a little traffic and that is too near the towns on the way. Otherwise, there is no heavy traffic and is a safe track to be done on a bike with friends and fellow explorers.

On the way

As told earlier, there is no chance you will get bored on the track. There are a lot of things to see and explore. There are magnificent coastal views that will soothe your mind and relax your body. Then, there are museums and Roman forts, which you can explore and know more about how the Romans lived and what was their lifestyle. There are various modern attractions including restaurants and clubs, where you can relax and grab a bite to eat. Most of all, you will enjoy the incredible countryside. There is no place better than the Hadrian’s wall cycle route which can give you a greater picture of what the actual countryside is.

You will experience England’s most incredible and wonderful countryside. You will get to enjoy the freedom of atmosphere and enjoy each step of the route.

Type of roads

Mainly, the route comprises quiet roads and country lanes. Most of them are interspersed with traffic-free paths, which make it a safe route for bikers.

Preferable types of bikes and Tyres

Usually, all types of bikes are recommended for this route, but the ones with racing bike tyres and full slick tyres are not preferred. This is because; these tyres make the bike heavier, and are not preferable for such a long route.

Heritage sites and castles

There is a long list of heritage sites and castles on Hadrian’s wall cycle routeSome of them are:

  • Roman museum
  • Bathhouse, Glannaventa
  • The Black Keep
  • AydonCastle
  • Lanacost Priory
  • Alaina
  • Prudhoe Castle near Ovingham

None of these sites can be explained in words, in you are a real adventurer, then you must visit them and experience the beauty in them.

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