The Truth About Drug Test Cups in 3 Minutes-Pass the Drug Test

There are four basic ways by which you can pass the drug test on very short notice. What is important is that you are aware of using the drug test cups in the right way and knowing what to or what not to fake because the technology becoming so unconventional and developed. In this article, we bring you the last resolve techniques which could be your last hope to pass a drug test, in case you don’t have enough time to prepare for it and cleanse out your body system. A quick read through this article may prove to be a lifesaver for you!

  1. Preparing for the Test

Although you don’t have much time in hand to prepare for the test, you have to do something on an emergency basis. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading for life-changing solutions.

  • You have to first and foremost take a deep breath and give yourself time to register to the fact that it is happening and you have to take the test. You have no other option. Preparing your nerves before time is a must.
  • Stop using drugs immediately. Even if you have just 3 days before you are supposed to take the test and you think it is useless to stop now, still stop. This we say because although so little time is not enough to cleanse out your body’s system, still opting for not taking drugs is a safer and more intelligent option.
  • Try to find out the exact day and time of the test, so you can prepare for the worst!
  • Next will be finding out what type of test you are supposed to take. It is very important to be familiar with the type of test you are required to undergo. There are four basic types of tests; urine, and blood. Hair and saliva.
  • For the urine test, it is important for you to know how to use the drug test cups and not to try to fake anything as the technology has really advanced over the years and any hanky with the test will be detected immediately.
  • The blood tests are to detect drugs in your bloodstream and people who are sensitive and reactive; the hair and saliva tests are designed for them as they are less reactive. However, since they are less severe in nature people would think it is easier to fake them. This however is not true, because this may be news to many but the truth is that up to 120 strands of your hair are used for this test. Imagine trying to fake something like this. Would be hard.
  • Knowing all the pros and cons of all the testing options, choose wisely.
  1. Pass the Urine Test

  • Some people try to dilute their urine sample by using some chemical or liquid to lower the pH levels of the urine in order to pass the test. This is a very wrong move and does not do it as using these sorts of chemicals will result in changing colors of the urine sample, even if you don’t see it, the experts will be able to tell whether the sample has been mishandled.
  • Never use bleach thinking it can clean your urine just like it cleans other things. Bleach will not clean your urine. It will kill you.
  1. Pass the Blood, Saliva, or Hair Test

  • Where the urine test is hard almost impossible to fake, the blood and saliva test can actually make you safe if there is a way to delay it for a little time because drugs actually just stay in your bloodstream for up to 3 days and after that, you can come out clean.
  • Since a hair test is nearly as difficult to fake as a urine test because they take up to 120 strands of your hair, shaving your head is an excellent option.
  • Your last resort would be to use your civil rights since in some cases the person administering the test might not have the right to test you at all and you can be safe.

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