They Learn English “Chatting” with Older Single

The project achieves a perfect assembly between the need for Brazilian students to learn English and the high loneliness experienced by some elderly people in the United States.

It is a great and simple idea: young Brazilians want to learn English. older, retired people who are alone in their homes and want to maintain a conversation. Why not connect? Brazil is carrying out this project called “Exchange dialogues” at the School of Languages. Young people of Brazil and the lonely elderly of the USA are connected by “web chats” and the result is not only learning but human relationships that enrich both sides both culturally and emotionally. What started being a good strategy to learn and accompany the elderly, ends up being a great way to share experiences, cultures, and life in a universal language: the language of the heart. The pilot project was implemented at schools, in Brazil and Windsor Park Senior Center in Chicago.

Conversations are recorded – in a private area – for teachers to analyze student progress. “It’s certainly an idea where everybody wins (win-win). It is exciting to observe the conversations, reactions, really see the benefit of both sides, “is the opinion of Joanna Monteiro, executive of Brazil. The Curso de Ingles Director Max Geraldo believes that “the beauty of this project is that we are checking our belief that students are better when we cooperate in developing good people”

There are so many good ideas in the world that make us happy, that allow us to emerge the best of … what we hope to make them? In conversations, you can be heard as a grandfather asking a young man what his greatest wish is in life. And then an old woman with emotion expresses a teenager who is “her new granddaughter.” What other situation a boy of 15 years would invite a man of 89 to stay at home to come to meet him? Beautiful experience … I still remember when my grandfather told me: “One day spent life, look at your grandchildren playing and think they are little angels hanging from the sky because you can not believe they are the result of your visit to this land.”

Again I found my very old grandmother and, trying to read the newspaper and when I asked him because he struggled with both lenses, the leaves were falling, he said, “is that when you come to want to have something interesting to say, but I feel to be “… they do not have to strive for attention now: we owe.

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