Tips to Test your Newly Designed Website

Developing a website and making life is not enough, it doesn’t mean you do not need to check and maintain it for years now.  There are some regular testing works that are required to be done time and time again. This work is just like maintaining your new home and doing the renovation work when required; otherwise, ignorance can become an un-resolvable bug for years. This can cost you more as compared to the maintenance work. Here is a list of testing tips with the help of which you can evaluate whether your website design and SEO work has been done well and whether visitors will enjoy taking your services:

Quality of the content and its presentation:

Whether you have added an Article, blog, PR, or Squidoo to your website, these should be unique and outstanding. Meta tags and product descriptions should be written in such a way that these can be understood by every visitor who is interested to take your services. In short, we can say that SEO work should be done in a careful manner.

Accuracy of the code and programming: 

If you are just a customer of IT services, all the code that is on your website will be like just a combination of words and symbols for you. You need to understand how these codes work. Here testing work comes into existence. You need to send all the aspects of the website for testing which are related to it for. With this feature, you can ensure that your website is working well. Its design is attractive and there is no bug in this.

Website design and related terms: 

Just like programming, web design work is also important to check. The use of images, code behind handling those images, responsiveness, and appearance of the website is very important to evaluate.  Use your website like a user first and think about what else you will need if you will be a real user and try to add things accordingly.

Calls, Navigation, and Tags:

There should be a tag behind every image used on your website. These tags should be different from keywords.  These should be a good combination between the tag and the images. These should be titled with your company name and the URL of the website.  Calls to action are also very important to convert visitors into customers. Navigation is actually to give direction to the visitors on your website, which also depends on the design of the website. All the navigation aspects should be clear and user-friendly. These should be designed by keeping every kind of visitor in mind.


More than 80% of internet users like to visit the desired website on their handy types of equipment like smartphones, iPad, and other little things. Your website should be responsive to these to get all kinds of users and it’s the work of programming the website to convert those visitors into customers.

Testing of the website is very important before presenting it to visitors, it should be tested on every aspect so that no issue can be left for the viewers.

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