Travel Mug: Source of Happiness to the Coffee Lover

People need coffee mugs during travel. When we travel, we need all kinds of accessories which we hold every time in routine. The coffee mug is one of the essential things for the coffee lover.  A mug is also a type of cup which is to be used to keep the coffee and other cold drinks retain their temperature. These coffee mugs can also be used to retain the temperature of hot soup, hot chocolate, and many other cold drinks.  A wide range of coffee mugs is available in the market. These mugs differ in their quality and price. They range from lower to higher. People can purchase them according to their affordability and quality features. Here discuss some of the mugs which prove to be useful during travel for coffee lovers.

Zak city Perk belly mug

It has a wide base which allows it to be stable at the surface level. The sipping mechanism of this mug prevents spills and leakage. It keeps coffee hot for a certain shorter period of time. You have to consume the coffee quickly to prevent taste fluctuation. It is not so expensive and just the price of 9$.

Copco symphony mug

It is a very simple and decent mug that has a handle and tight grip easily. It has an ergonomic handle. It is made up of stainless steel and is 16 ounces. This coffee mug lacks the insulation to keep the coffee hot all the way to work. It is not so expensive as a travel coffee mug is. You can buy it for just 11$.

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Chantal live strong travel mug

It is a very slim bottle and can be grabbed easily. You can hold it by using one hand easily. It has a narrow and tall shape. You cannot clean it by hand properly. You have to use the brush to make it clean gently. It is made up of steel. You can buy it for just 11$. It contains 16 ounces. Cold drinks remain cool and hot drinks remain hot due to the insulated walls. It also has a feature of pushing anywhere on the lid ate the upper surface. It provides a leak-proof seal.

Copco Xtreme mug

Around the perimeter of the Copco lid, you can take a sip from anywhere. A push button is located at the Centre of the upper surface of the mug. It does not perfectly spill or leak-proof. You can buy it for just 16.5$ having 16 ounces. It has a knocking lid which prevents spill. A small plastic flap is available for taking sips easily. This again is made up of stainless steel. It has a feature of two handles by which you can grasp the coffee mug easily. There is a lid on the top of the mug through which you can take a sip by clicking and holding to open. After taking the sip, release the button to close the lid. It avoids leakage and spill in the car.

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