вавада vavada eg xyz / Noam Anouar : « défaut d’exemplarité » ou policier exemplaire ? - François Ruffin

Вавада Vavada Eg Xyz

вавада vavada eg xyz

Hallo wereld!

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Raho Mast with OYO Rooms" width="" height="" src="goalma.org?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen>

A digital video advertising strategy should involve mixing and matching different length pieces 

seconds is the optimal length for a video ad, as it allows you to strike a balance between creating a relevant narrative and providing a short attention span.

User-Generated Content Builds Brand awareness

Brands are building creative advertisements that give you real buyers experience and perspective and it blends with the marketing strategy as well. 

In an Adweek survey, 76% of respondents find UGC more influential than content created by the brand directly.

To help you encourage your own video marketing efforts, here are 26 Crazy and Creative Video Advertisements Examples on social media

Facebook Ads: 

Facebook Ads are engaging and get views if they are well made and too good to be ignored. The best Facebook Ad helps brands connect with new consumers every day.

1. Hello Fresh: Orange Cashew Chicken-Stir Fry

Meal kit delivery service Hello Fresh regularly advertises cooking videos just like the above that walks through an Orange Cashew Chicken Stir-fry recipe. These recipes are impulsively watched by the audience and Facebook users are accustomed to seeing their feed.



Native Facebook ad matches the style and tone of the platform and is primarily for Facebook users. Facebook users are watching more than 8 billion native video ads every day and these videos are longer than 30 mins giving users a feel of organic content than a mere ad. 

This proves the old adage true, People don’t watch ads, they watch things they are interested in.

Twitter research shows 43% of users would fully watch a video ad if it has interesting content.

2. Knorr: Love at First Taste


The brand is passionate to inspire the new millennial foodies and How? By launching a  compelling ad campaign centered around people’s personal experiences about flavor, taste, and food. Knorr&#;s global research report stated that people are more attracted to people who enjoy a similar flavor profile. 

The brand conducted a social experiment by having strangers met for the first time over a mutually enjoyable meal .with a twist &#; they must feed each other and not themselves. In a way, the brand tried to tap the thirst on social media for videos including food, romance, and real-life circumstances.

The brand also partnered with a food community Tasty to spread the video. Also, people were directed to a mini-site that asks questions about your favorite type of food, before putting you to 12 flavor profiles


In the first three weeks, the video received million views. Creative marketing is at its finest where they building an emotional connection with their customer by trying to understand their personal flavor and setting up on date not because of the way they looked but because of their favorite flavors in common.

3. Always


The brand took a risk with this documentary-style video. The risk was well handled with the four-minute-long video which is a lifetime on the Facebook Newsfeed.


Advertisers need more time to explain a new or complex product in the following areas:

The video gets a tick in all three areas and it does with irreverent humor that keeps the viewers entertained and hooked throughout. The video starts with a joke right away &#; a useful tactic to attract viewers early on.

5. Samsung


Samsung poked some fun at the dedicated fan following that Apple has gathered over the years by highlighting what they consider an unwarranted mentality of a certain sect of fans.


The one-minute video is an apt length for Facebook, to hold the viewer’s attention. The video highlights competitor’s pain points, and their advantages in an effective way, all tied up with humor. A hard-core Apple fan who would never consider leaving Apple for  Samsung can also appreciate the boldness of the video ad is making.

Instagram Ads: 

Seeing the best Instagram video ads, it will inspire you to create or boost your own campaign.

6. Underarmour


]Two athletes hanging from hot-air balloons, doing tricks with a soccer ball is creative and crazy. The brand partnered with GoPro for this ad is a win-win situation for both. It is filmed with a GoPro and you can feel the thrill and excitement.


The ad is a great and adventurous concept that grabs your attention.

7. Feetup


This video is simple and shows their product in action. There is nothing fancy about the advertisement but innovatively showing their product by targeting a passionate yoga learning audience.


The ad shows what the consumer is interested to see about the product and might be facing a similar challenge. For instance, the video shows the visual demonstration by the FeetUp trainer. Many yogis can recognize the headstands and identify how the product will be helpful to improve the practice.

8. Get Freshly


The caption of the video ad is so apt and everyone can relate “Too busy to eat healthy?” The ad is effective and quickly shows videos on how easy it is to eat smart with Freshly.


The ad gives a glimpse of all the meal options which are helpful and easy for consumers and ends up with a Call to Action(CTA) of an attractive promo code.

9. Wolf and Shepherd


The brand owner had put their dress shoes to a test by wearing the pair of shoes and running with the bulls. This sounds crazy but creative marketing is at its best.


The brand uses its product to an extreme level to give a reality check about their product to the audience with a  dramatic demonstration. This surely won hearts and helped the brand to be above the pack.

Eczema Honey



The bright colors that pop up in the background are eye-catchy and stand out. It has followed a 2step advertising strategy: &#; on one hand, the color in the background will grab attention and using 5-starred customer reviews builds credibility.

YouTube Ads:

YouTube ads are best for branding and engagement. It is one of the best options for cost-effective campaigns. 

With 2 million users, the platform has immense capacity to help brands find new audiences and establish a following. Soon, Google is soon going to launch Youtube Shorts an answer to Tik Tok. Tough competition lying ahead.

Grammarly: Words to Travel the World

Grammarly has built its social strategy around YouTube video ads. They are a chrome extension that scans your writing and rectifies your grammatical error and suggests how to make it better.

Their majority of traffic comes from video ads and is a user of Trueview ads.


Google claims brands that run TrueView ads see a % engagement boost compared to their other YouTube content. True View ads a brand is paying for are from a more interested audience who is likely to get converted.

However, recently Google announced to stop serving unskippable 30 seconds ad to users and instead push 6-second bumpers and second ad units.

GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten


This isn’t a typical GoPro’s user-generated ad but shows its brand as adventurous and extreme. They repurpose many of their user-generated videos and put up on their channel that shows stuff like surfing or jumping out of planes. However, this video is different and deserves a round of applause where a firefighter is saving a kitten from a fire. This ad is beyond the athlete persona and helps to reach a wider audience keeping the heroism theme intact.


Don’t hesitate to push the boundaries of your brand’s image. Experiment with different ad formats and topics to reach a wider audience and build your brand’s personality.

goalma.org: What Most Schools Don’t Teach

The faces in the marketing video are known and famous. The piece opens with a quote from Steve Jobs followed by an introduction by Bill Gates

goalma.org is a non-profit organization that promotes computer science in schools across the country. It is a great example of influencer marketing and faces made the piece popular. The faces are the owners of renowned software companies and are sharing stories of their humble beginnings in the field.


Sometimes, the field you are working in can be intimidating to the people from outside. world’s However, to grow your audience, you need to level it. 

American’s Greetings: World&#;s Toughest Job


An excellent example of emotion-driven marketing created by Mullen and Cardstore by American Greetings. The content is free of sales and product placements. A creative advertisement using the faux interview to throw some light on the day-to-day mom’s routine everywhere, it is difficult for the viewers to walk away from the video without appreciation. At the close of the video, small witty talk to get your mom a Mother’s day card.


Remember to show the plot with unexpected twists and turns to keep your audience engaged throughout the content.

Alibaba: To the Greatness of Small

The multinational e-commerce platform is based in China. The global footprint of the brand is similar to Amazon’s. it made a heartfelt and emotional statement of Loyalty to Team Kenya during the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The message at the end of the video is the creative marketing finest of all. It shows greatness comes from small places and the comparison is drawn here is just like a young athlete having Olympic goals, all amazing brands start with an ambitious founder.


Sometimes the inspiring and powerful messages are more relatable to the smallest audiences.  Be around and vigilant about your actions and you will impress everyone else.

Linkedin Ads

Video advertising is one of the most famous ad formats on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, the most successful video ad campaigns are less than 15 seconds.


This corporate ad is a second clip that gives a brief introduction about their products and services. The interaction between the animated characters and the human being is in sync and harmonious. Salesforce has done a great job with this advertising piece.


One of the best video advertising ads on LinkedIn. This corporate ad is powerful in its visual content and is below the recommended time span of 15 seconds. A simple, appealing, and short ad. It is easy to process and engaging.


A great example of creative marketing. The ad is impressive because of its creative way to offer a job position. It shows a couple of interviews with its existing employees and the way they bring the most out of their job. The company expresses its values in a great manner and shows the electrifying work atmosphere and happy employees which gives you an instant desire to work at Slack. 

Though the advertisement is fun but a bit longer.


Two words to describe the corporate ad- hilarious and funny. In this creative advertisement, the recruiting company Adecco have compiled the best and worst CV’s received by their client and is worth the minute to watch it. In fact, it can leave you craving for the video to be longer.

The brand should have had a better CTA but its creativity is at its peak generating brand awareness and engagement.

Amazon Web Services

Another great simple, straight, and short video by Amazon Web Services. The best part of the video ad shows the audience’s real-life application of the technology ‘AWS’ for EDM artists. It is easy to comprehend, practical, and less technical which makes it easy to process. The CTA is also clear.

TikTok Ad Campaigns

According to HubSpot&#;s social media team, the video-based social app TikTok is &#;leaking&#; with brand opportunities. Recently it launched an advertising process for brands. 


Chipotle, a popular Mexican restaurant chain has over 55, TikTok fans. They publish an array of posts using music, memes, and other references to highlight their menu.

The above video marks the one-year celebration of TikTok using hashtag #oneyearofTikTok  showing tortilla chips set around a bowl of guac with the Adele song, “Someone Like You”. As the sound bite features Adele’s audience singing back to her, it feels as if the chips are actually singing to the guac &#;  a perfect blend of creativity and video marketing.

San Diego Zoo:

San Diego Zoo’s TikTok account is a treat to all animal lovers. The zoo has over 50, fans who are enjoying the zoo’s simple strategy to post videos of animals with fun music.

Like this one -How would one not enjoy and follow them after seeing the video of lounging meerkat?

If this is not enough to fall in love with these cute animals, check this duet created by the zoo with other friendly animal accounts, like the Monterey Aquarium.

This is a perfect example of a cross-promotion of two similar brands using TikTok features. Because of the zoo’s tagging strategy, this video ad would be seen by zoo and aquarium followers. 

NBC’s Stay Tuned

After the success of Stay tuned originally for Snapchat News Show,  produced by NBC to target Gen Z, the network started making content for TikTok. The account has nearly one million followers and offers a mix of behind-the-scenes videos, quick news bites on pop culture, and weird events.

In the following example, the reporter surveys on top fast-food chains.

In the next example, the host explains complicated AI news in a short amount of time and in a funny way. 

Stay Tuned has had huge success on Snapchat and is not repurposing the content or putting the same content for Tik Tok. It creates specific content for each platform which proves that it can give you big wins for brand awareness and engagement. This strategy can help publishers, bloggers, academics or others who post about news, interesting topics, or studies on different platforms.

Snapchat Ads

Don’t believe the press- Snapchat has a big fan following and is blowing up. They have highly engaged and over million Daily users. Snapchat is rising quickly in creative marketing as the Snaps are fun, engaging, and creative.


 video advertising, video marketing,creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit: Delhi School of Internet marketing


A global fashion brand operating in countries delivers stylish and in vogue apparel to women and men. They partnered for clothing advertisements with Snapchat to create an immersive full-screen ad experience to target Gen Z and millennials.

 video advertising, video marketing,creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit: Snapchat


They created a short-form video to showcase their products front and center to attract Snapchatters to swipe up. The brand also used Snapchat ads to highlight their product lines to engage the audiences with fashion goalma.org clever headline, creative images drove curiosity among Snapchatters to tap Story in Discovery feed.

They also used Snapchat’s optimization tools- Audience Insights and Goal-based bidding. This helped them reach the relevant audience who were likely to convert and achieve a 50% lower cost per purchase compared to other platforms. This video marketing strategy is highly effective and achieves a 20% ROI.


ideo advertising, video marketing,creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit: Delhi School of Internet marketing

This mobile app uses machine learning to customize your workout goal and guides you to reach your fitness goals. The aim is to create Snapchat ads to reach a new audience that would not only download the app but spend time on the platform.

 video advertising, video marketing,creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit: Delhi School of Internet marketing


To achieve the goal of acquiring new users at the lowest CPC and CAC, it ran APP-install campaigns. It also used a combination of predefined and lookalike audience targeting to reach Snapchatters who are most likely to engage. Each snap ad followed a creative practice of CTA to prompt Snapchatters to Swipe up and download.

This resulted in a 54% lower CPA than other platforms and a 31% lower CPA than their average CPA goal.


This is an excellent example of creative video advertising where the launch of BMW X2 wanted to change the way people discover cars by turning the world into a showroom. BMW’s AR Trial lens helps Snapchatters to take X2 for a ride from their phones. A unique experience, isn’t it?


One of the first advertisers to use Snap Ads that deeply connected to a World Lens in order to swipe up by users to unlock the lens.

video advertising, video marketing,creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit: Delhi School of Internet marketing

The lens provides a different feel to experience the car. This creative video marketing campaign was running in 7 countries worldwide. The BMW X2 lens witnessed an average of 54 seconds of playtime.

 video advertising, video marketing,creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit: Delhi School of Internet marketing

To create excitement for x2 and maintain the levels, Snapchatters Gold color feature was turned on to drive awareness of the car color. This allowed lenses to change the color of the face to gold. There were 1 in 4 shared or saved x2 lens and 40 million impressions of the face lens.

Where is Video going in ?

This infographic by Hubspot with uscreen, a VOD platform will explain:

video advertising, video marketing, creative advertising, creative marketing

Image Credit:Impact

Summing Up:

These stellar examples of video advertising grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. If you want to see the increase in audience engagement and ad-click through, you need to invest in an integrated video advertising campaign.

An excellent video ad campaign is within your reach and can be a driver for increased traffic and sales. It is a great way of storytelling and drives your performance. The visual content is here to stay. Buckle up to fully embrace the effectiveness of video ads. Social media platforms are the perfect place to meet prospects who can see engaging video content. 

Do you have any questions or wish to know more about video advertising trends and practices? Leave a comment below as we are happy to serve you.





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Acceso a la información

Los ciudadanos informados pueden tomar decisiones informadas, por ejemplo, cuando van a las urnas. Solo cuando los ciudadanos sepan cómo son gobernados, podrán hacer que sus gobiernos rindan cuentas por sus decisiones y acciones. La información es poder. Por tanto, el acceso universal a la misma es una piedra angular de sociedades del conocimiento saludables e inclusivas.

El acceso universal a la información significa que toda persona tiene derecho a buscar, recibir y difundir información. Este derecho es parte integral del derecho a la libertad de expresión. Los medios de comunicación juegan un papel crucial en informar al público sobre temas de interés, pero también se basan en la capacidad de buscar y recibir información. Por tanto, el derecho al acceso universal a la información también está ligado al derecho a la libertad de prensa.


El 17 de noviembre de , la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura (UNESCO) declaró el 28 de septiembre como Día Internacional del Acceso Universal a la Información. Teniendo en cuenta que varias organizaciones de la sociedad civil y organismos gubernamentales en el mundo han adoptado y celebran actualmente este Día Internacional, la Asamblea General de la ONU también adoptó el 28 de septiembre de como Día Internacional para el Acceso Universal a la Información.

Jak zostać zawodnikiem? Mało znane fakty.

Jak zostać zawodnikiem &#; wiele osób zadaje sobie to pytanie. Niektórzy po miesiącu treningów, inni po pół roku, są też tacy, którzy są zaskoczeni że trener chce ich przenieść na grupę zawodniczą. No właśnie co z tym trenerem? Mam wrażenie że mnie w ogóle nie widzi, jak to jest?


Na co zwraca uwagę trener?

jak zostać zawodnikiem?Przede wszystkim na wszystko i na wszystkich 🙂 jeśli grupa jest mniejsza to ma więcej czasu, żeby do każdego podejść i powiedzieć choćby jedno słowo. Jeśli na sali jest dużo osób, to zwykle nie może podchodzić do każdego, tylko stara się iść tam, gdzie widzi błąd w wykonywanej technice i trzeba komuś pomóc. Natomiast jednego możecie być pewni &#; trener widzi wszystko i każdego, ale tego nie mówi.

Już podczas rozgrzewki można zauważyć czy ktoś się stara czy biegnie jakby za karę. Czy naciąganie wykonuje dokładnie, do każdego ćwiczenia przykłada uwagę czy robi tylko dobrze to co lubi najbardziej. Prawda jest taka, że trenując elementy, których nie lubimy, możemy w pełni się rozwinąć.

Osoby które wybieramy na grupę zawodniczą muszą być przede wszystkim ambitne, nie muszą wszystko robić idealnie ale muszą się starać. Ten kto nie trenuje regularnie nie podając powodu, raczej nie ma szans na bycie zawodnikiem &#; obecność na treningach to sprawa kluczowa.

Zdarza się tak, że ktoś przychodzi do klubu tylko 2 razy w tygodniu ale mówi że ma problem z transportem (np. mieszka kilkadziesiąt kilometrów dalej). Inny pracuje na różne zmiany i nie może być zawsze wieczorem ale też zostanie przeniesiony do zawodników. To dlatego że po pierwsze ta osoba szanuje trenera i mówi wprost jaka jest sytuacja. Po drugie pyta co może robić w domu, żeby być na bieżąco z innymi, a po trzecie robi postępy, czyli wykonuje &#;pracę domową&#;.

Od zawodników oczekujemy prawdomówności i rzetelnej pracy na treningach. Dużo z nich jest do wykonania poza salą (siłownia, bieżnia na boisku itp.), więc jeśli ktoś będzie ściemniał to szkoda naszego wspólnego czasu.


Czemu to tyle trwa?

Wszystko zależy od efektów Twojej pracy, jeśli ktoś trenuje codziennie ( razy w tygodniu) i wykazuje predyspozycje żeby być zawodnikiem to może nawet po miesiącu nim zostać. Tutaj nie mamy określonych z góry terminów, patrzymy na każdego indywidualnie. Jeśli masz wrażenie że to za długo trwa to podejdź do trener i po prostu zapytaj czy to już czas, żeby przenieść się na grupę zawodniczą. Jeśli nie to co mam poprawić, zmienić żeby się do tego przybliżyć. Poproś o trening personalny, wtedy będzie czas dowiedzieć się jak zostać zawodnikiem szybciej niż inni. Jak poprawić technikę  no i będzie możliwość poznania się personalnie z trenerem.


Kiedy pierwszy sparing?

Zostałeś przeniesiony na grupę zawodników, powinieneś się czuć wyróżniony, ale apetyt rośnie w miarę jedzenia, więc chciałbyś się już sprawdzić na sparingach.

Jeszcze nie dawno zastanawiałeś się jak zostać zawodnikiem, a teraz chcesz dużo więcej. Jeśli trener nie powiedział Ci żebyś przyszedł na sesje sparingową to miał ku temu powody. Zwykle to po prostu widzi braki w Twojej technice i z obawy przed tym, że sobie nie poradzisz nie zaprasza Cię na ten specjalny trening. Na wszystko trzeba po prostu czasu, ale jeśli jesteś już w elicie naszego klubu to lada moment dostaniesz swoją szanse. Czasem problem w zaproszeniu kogoś na sparingi jest zły sprzęt. Brak kasku, nieprofesjonalne ochraniacze na nogi, za małe rękawice (wymagane są te o rozmiarze minimum 14 OZ).


Kiedy pierwsze zawody?

Zawodnicy w naszym klubie mają ten przywilej, że organizujemy kilka razy w roku amatorskie ligi. W nich można pierwszy raz wziąć udział. Dzięki temu jest szansa wcześniej zadebiutować na ringu.  Kiedyś nie było takiej możliwości, bo w ciagu roku odbywały się głownie zawody Mistrzostw Polski, na które jeżdżą juz zawodnicy z dużym doświadczeniem. Tam wysyłaliśmy osoby, które trenowały minimum 2 lata. O galach zawodowych nawet nie wspominam. Do tego naprawdę trzeba mieć już obycie z ringiem i stresem przed występem dla większej publiczności.

Wyboru zawodników na walki zawsze dokonuje trener, ale nic się nie stanie jeśli ktoś podejdzie i zapyta o możliwość startu, wtedy przynajmniej widać, że takiej osobie zależy.


No więc jak zostać zawodnikiem?

Tak naprawdę to zawsze zależy od Ciebie, od Twojego podejścia do treningu, ambicji, inwestowania w siebie i sprzęt. Wszystko jest w Twoich rękach, ba! Wszystko jest w Twoich Pięściach!


Noam Anouar : « défaut d’exemplarité » ou policier exemplaire ?

YouTube video

Aussi, le même jour, une Maman nous a écrit. Son fils, lycéen, est emmené en garde à vue, pour un feu de poubelle (« c’est pas malin », admet-elle). Mais au commissariat du XXème, s’ensuit un calvaire, avec des humiliations semble-t-il ordinaires.
Ces policiers seront-ils traduits, eux, en conseil de discipline ?

Voici son témoignage, que j’ai lu lors de l’audience de Noam :

Les enfants se sont donc retrouvés à partir de la fin d’après-midi, seuls dans des cellules sans aucune information de ce qui allait se passer. Cellules où l’odeur est insupportable. Ils n’ont pas été informés qu’ils allaient rester la nuit. A chaque fois qu’ils ont demandé l’heure, on leur répondait « après ». Mon fils a demandé du papier toilette, le flic lui a dit « je reviens », il n’est jamais revenu. Lorsqu’on lui a amené son repas le vendredi soir, le flic lui a dit « fais attention c’est brûlant », en fait le plat n’était même pas décongelé. Ils sont réveillés la nuit toutes les deux-trois heures pour être fouillés. Mon fils avait enlevé son tee-shirt et son sous pantalon pour se faire un oreiller et se protéger de la lumière pour essayer de dormir, un flic est venu dans la nuit et lui a demandé s’il avait froid. Il lui a répondu oui, et ce dernier lui a pris son tee-shirt et son pantalon. Mon fils a vomi pendant la nuit à plusieurs reprises, il a sonné longtemps, très longtemps (ce fameux bouton comme à l’hôpital où on appelle quand on a besoin d’aide), personne n’est jamais venu. Il s’est alors mis à taper contre les murs pour que quelqu’un vienne enfin. Un flic est venu et lui a dit d’arrêter et de fermer sa gueule, sans même lui demander ce qu’il se passait. Lorsqu’ils ont été déférés, les enfants n’avaient aucune info d’où ils étaient emmenés

Pouvez-vous me dire quel être humain mérite à ce point de ne plus être considéré ? De quel droit, ces agents de police peuvent ne pas amener du papier toilette à un gardé à vue qui en réclame ?

Quand les enfants ont été déférés au tribunal, ils n’avaient aucune idée d’où ils partaient. Quand l’un d’entre eux a osé demander dans le fourgon où ils allaient, un des agents de police leur a répondu : « Ferme ta gueule, j’ai envie de taper alors ne me cherche pas ». La situation est très préoccupante et là ce ne sont que quelques-unes des premières remarques que mon fils a pu nous faire hier soir. Quelle image donne-t-on aux mineurs de la Police ? C’est le système lui-même qui est en train de braquer les jeunes contre la Police. Quel être humain mérite d’être traité avec autant d’humiliation ? Où est le respect des droits de l’Homme ?


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